🔴 Wheels on the Bus – Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs – Toddler Learning Video – Ms Rachel

🔴 Wheels on the Bus – Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs – Toddler Learning Video – Ms Rachel

Have your toddler learn with a real teacher, Ms Rachel! In these highly researched and expert approved toddler learning videos, Ms Rachel teaches important milestones, learning standards and preschool skills to help your child learn, grow and thrive! 

Ms Rachel is a master at encouraging speech, interaction and language development. Your child will learn through fun nursery rhymes & kids songs such as Wheels On The Bus and lots of play which is the best way children learn! Active screen time is shown to be more beneficial than passive screen time, so our videos for toddlers are designed to be very interactive and get your child talking, moving, singing and dancing! We have the best videos for toddlers to watch and learn that you can find! So much care goes in to each toddler learning video to make sure it’s the highest quality possible for your kid.

This 24/7 livestream has many wonderful learning videos! Your little one will learn colors, learn shapes and learn numbers with Ms Rachel!  If it is going to help a child with preschool skills and milestones, Ms Rachel is going to sneak it into the videos! We have also taken our best preschool learning video and best videos for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners and we have and combined them for you to watch live. 

If your child is not meeting milestones or has a speech delay, make sure to check in with the pediatrician right away. Also call early intervention for your state and you may qualify for speech therapy. These videos are not a replacement for speech therapy with a speech therapist. They are also called SLPs which stands for speech language pathologists.  

Also make sure not to use small toys with children under 4 or children who still put things in their mouths. 

Thanks for watching and please check out our other videos! 

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