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Morning Motivation : Positive thoughts and positive actions | Improve your routine today

How you start your day will determine how your day plays out. Start you day with positive thoughts and positive actions.
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Link to 5 things to expect from THE EVENT



Link to the legend of the rainbow warriors

Link to the 5D Earth timeline split explained

Link to the hopi prophecy plan to save the world

Link to our 30 minute 528 hz frequency meditation

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If you experience any of these characteristics you are one of the 144,000 prophesied lightworkers that will save the world

Morning motivation
Morning meditation
Morning motivation wake up
Morning motivation affirmations
The meaning of 1111
Signs you are a lightworker
Who are the 144,000
Signs you are one of the 144,000
The three days of darkness
The 3 days of darkness
Solar Flash
Great solar flash

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