*GOOD NEWS FOR GLOBAL!!* Devs CONFIRM New Characters, Modes & Events Soon! (MHA: The Strongest Hero)

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Future banners & characters include Dabi, Mina & More! Leaks are already hinting to Present Mic, Jiro & Toga becoming potential units. This game already has an all star roster with Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, Uraraka, Momo, Endeavor, Eraserhead (Aizawa), Stain, Shigaraki, Mina & All Might. Stay tuned for more news regarding more game details, the exact release date for global and upcoming characters!

Here we go with a new My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero video! Let me know if y’all want to see some more of MHA The Strongest Hero! Like and Subscribe with Notis On if you enjoyed this MHA TSH video!


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