Happy Playful Background Music for Videos – Best Background Music – Instrumental

Happy Playful Background Music for Videos – Best Background Music
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The happy fun acoustic guitar is uplifting peaceful and inspirational. The carefree upright bass guitar is cheerful bouncy and confident. The energetic bright glockenspiel bells are optimistic light and hopeful. The playful positive Ukulele is innocent joyful and youthful. The vibrant festive melodica/harmonica/accordion is quirky sentimental and romantic. The calm ambient percussion drums are mellow inspiring dreamy and elegant. The pop tambourine relaxed upbeat proud and modern. The sweet sincere vocals inspire discovery and achievement. Perfect for a Podcast Intro, Movie Trailer, Documentary, Video Game, Corporate/Business promo, YouTube Travel Vlog.

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If you use this music, please add the credits in your video.
Music by Ricky Valadez

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– Can I use this music in my videos?

Yes! To use this music in your videos or media, you must first purchase a royalty free license from the link above.

– Will I receive a copyright claim on my YouTube video by using this music?

No, I do not register my work in YouTube’s Content ID System. This ensures that video creators won’t have copyright claims on their channels or their clients channels.

– What does royalty free mean?

Royalty-Free is the right to use copyrighted items without a requirement to pay out royalties per volume sold or usage period. ‘Royalty-free music’ does not mean ‘free music’. A one-time license purchase is require to authorize the use of ‘Royalty Free Music’ for each project. After acquiring a license to use this song in your video/project you won’t have to pay any royalties for that in the future.

– Can’t I just give you credit in my videos, instead of buying a license?

Unfortunately, no. Just giving credit in your videos doesn’t protect you from copyright infringement in accordance to international law. A license is required for you to have the proper rights to use music on your videos, which is also needed if you’re looking to become a YouTube partner and monetize your videos.


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