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In the middle of a busy traffic road, he stops and goes out of his way to assist a stranger in collecting his dropped items
Despite the flooded street, she still needs to get to work. But how is she going to make it across to the other side ? Just wait a bit, a gentleman who comes to the rescue shows up to save the day
The little gestures of kindness can really go a long way
The hero of the day was the little boy who ran to help his mother who was stuck in the air while fixing the garage door. Though the situation was panic stricken the young boy mustered up the courage to be a hero for his loving mother
If you wonder why some people would do random acts of kindness to strangers without expecting anything back in return, just wait until you see the reactions of these folks when they find out their layaway has been paid in full. Their f****l expressions are absolutely priceless
Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life. Even in the rain without an umbrella, you can bet that this moment these two shared kept them both warm in the cold
Gotta give it up for these kind delivery drivers and drop off staff. They take their time to place the items neatly on the front porch. The owner even repays the simple gesture by placing snacks and drinks in the front for them to take on the go
A close call accident nearly happens around a blind bend but the drivers involved checked each other out to see if each was okay. They even decide to hug it out in the end
This great kid’s first reaction to finding out that his parents surprised him with a brand new puppy is a thankful hug of gratitude!
In this emotional footage a cancer patient shows up to a barbershop to have her hair shaved clean for chemo therapy but what happens at the end is truly a shock to her as her barber decides to shave his own head to show his unconditional support
A rapidly wagging tail is the easiest way to tell when a dog is filled with happiness. It’s about to be treated with some fresh meat by the kind local butcher
It’s at this moment where humanity meets society and you know what? Weare all just the same humans living different lives making the world a better place
The act of giving to others in need is one of the warmest experiences one can have. In this clip, a mother and her children were blessed tremendously by a very generous man who had more than enough to share

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