I Am Happiness On Earth – Peccadillo Pictures – Exclusive Trailer

On DVD & on demand from 11th August.

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Emiliano films intimate moments with a group of male dancers, recording their defined, tight bodies in strong, energetic movements and soon forms an impassioned relationship with one of his subjects. Although the relationship is emotional, e****c and intense, Emiliano finds it impossible to remain faithful and enters into a series of s****l encounters with handsome street hustlers.

Directed by Julian Hernandez, one of Mexico’s most famous directors (Broken Sky, Raging Sun Raging Sky), I AM HAPPINESS ON EARTH is a tale of a man struggling with the line between his sexually charged reality and this equally arousing cinematic creations. His boldly poetic romance compares with such films as Fellini’s 8 1/2, exploring the connections between s*x, love and creativity.


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