Psalms for Breakthroughs in Your Business | Divine Increase in Business and Financial Profits.

Psalms for breakthroughs in your business will help you to enjoy a divine increase in business and in other financially profitable undertakings. The daily usage of these Psalms will help to sanitize our workplace and business environments, as well as our minds, by warding off evil elements that constantly fight our God-given divine progress. This collection of Psalm 13, Psalm 26, Psalm 27, Psalm 28, Psalm 108, and Psalm 115, will usher in a good aura to your place of business, as well as dispel off demons that will affect your undertakings, while we dwell in the secret place (Word) of God Almighty. God’s Children are to follow special protocols to make wealth in this wicked world, unlike those on the other side, outside of Christ. May the good LORD’s mercy and mercy speak for you and your loved ones, in Jesus’ name.

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00:00 Psalm 13
00:49 Psalm 26
02:08 Psalm 27
04:27 Psalm 28
05:49 Psalm 108
07:20 Psalm 115
09:23 – Looping of All The Psalms

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