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3 Reasons You're Not Happy & How To Fix It : Dr. Robert Waldinger

Dr. Robert Waldinger tackles the question of why so many of us are unhappy, despite our seemingly perfect lives. Drawing on his research and personal experience, he provides valuable insights and practical tips on how to find more meaning and joy in our lives.

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📖 Dr. Robert Waldinger is a prominent American psychiatrist and professor, best known for his extensive research on adult development and aging. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and went on to earn a medical degree from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Waldinger is currently a professor at Harvard Medical School and the Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, which is one of the longest-running studies of adult life ever conducted. Through his research, Dr. Waldinger has uncovered the importance of social connections and relationships in promoting health, happiness, and longevity. His work has been widely recognised and has earned him numerous awards and honours in the field of psychology and psychiatry.

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