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Toned & Toneful Episode 34: You have Reasons to be Happy. Why are you Choosing to be Sad?

In this weeks episode we talk about how many people choose to complain over being happy with their situation. While in the moment it might seem like a good idea to let your frustration out in this way. It certainly isn’t. Many of us who hold a cell phone in our hand, have name brand items for clothes and have methods of transport can’t even fathom what real hard life is. Through perspective we could see that we are just mentally unable to be strong enough to choose to be positive. To see the things in our life that could be a source of happiness: having a real friend, spouse, children, or family is just some examples of things that we need to be much much more thankful of. Having an ability to play music, have health, or even some of the nice material things we have is exceptionally lucky. Life owes us nothing and complaining isn’t going to help build your life. Join me this week in learning that being thankful is one of our strongest options in this hard world.

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