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OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman comments to ABC news why the company is confident the pros of AI and large natural language models outweigh the risks.

Original ABC news interview:

Open AI announced their new GPT-4 model on Tuesday 14th March 2023.

OpenAI states the model is “more creative and collaborative than ever before” and “can solve difficult problems with greater accuracy.” It is multimodal, meaning It can parse both text and image input, though it can only respond via text. OpenAI also cautions that the systems retain many of the same problems as earlier language models, including a tendency to make up information (or “hallucinate”) and the capacity to generate violent and harmful text.


Why put this out for the world to start playing with, to start using when we don’t know where this is heading?

You mean like why develop AI at all?

Why develop AI in the first place? And then why put it out for the world to use before we know that we are safeguarded, that those guardrails are in place already?

This will be the greatest technology humanity has yet developed.

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