Punjab's Current Events and The Khalsa: Taking Action and Positively Seeing the B****r Picture

Are you keeping up with the current events in Punjab? Watch the recent video on our channel for more details:

Sitting abroad, it can feel confusing and frustrating by hearing all the negative news of events taking place in Punjab and the suppression of the voice of the Sikhs. In this video, we discuss how to see the larger positive picture, and take action from a state of High-spirits.
As a global community, it’s essential to stay informed about what’s happening in Punjab and take action to support the cause. In this video, we explore the Khalsa perspective on Punjab’s current events and how it offers a b****r picture of the situation in relation to history. We delve into and discuss why it’s crucial to take action now. Join us to learn more about The Khalsa’s larger perspective and how you can take action today to make a difference.

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