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1st Grade 🍎 Positive Actions 💚 Weekly Lesson 📅 Kindness welcomes you to the Morgan County Partnership’s Weekly Positive Action 1st Grade Virtual Lesson! This week, we talk about the new Positive Value Word: KINDNESS and in Spanish, AMABILIDAD, as we learn all about our PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL, and EMOTIONAL WELLNESS.

Hot dogs are kind! Who doesn’t love hot dogs (well, maybe)…1st graders will watch a little fella’s TED TALK about KINDNESS; Sesame Street sings; Sheima chats in Spanish!; and more with Doodle Time from Ms. Lacee too!
Positive Actions to develop EMOTIONAL WELLNESS with that “good ole GOLDEN RULE” for KINDNESS are:

😍.CARE 🎸
🛠 Change the World 🌎

Providing evidence based curriculum for K-12 to promote positive actions, wellness, mental health, prevention, and positive choices leading to student achievement; for online, in the classroom, virtual/remote learning, and more! Talking about emotions and connecting with others is a positive action. Celebrating our uniqueness and build relationships based on our diversity!

Weekly Positive Actions are available for grades k-12!
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