Positive People – Praise Be (Official Music Video)

Positive People return with the third single (“Praise Be”) off their forthcoming album. “Praise Be” is a song about mental health journeys, mourning, gratitude and celebration.

Olenka Krakus | vocals
Jeffrey Moon | words and instruments

Music recorded and mixed by Jeffrey Moon
Music mastered by Dan Toews

Video shot and edited by: Jeffrey Moon

Additional footage:
Ian Hart |
Olenka Krakus

Additional Video Thanks:
Adrian D’Avirro
Kent Ferguson

Additional Photography:
Scott Webb |

Connect with the band here:

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In padded dreams
light attacks
not as it seems

The body soars
fractured visions
of spirit wars

On mountains high
reach up
to untune the sky

Praise Be
Praise Be

In a distant land
I can reach out
to shake my hand

Something on TV
groan-like sounding
self-love plea

In shades of green
moments of
small childhood me

Praise Be
Praise Be


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