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Distribution: 3 Positive Actions to Take

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The challenges of 2020 forced many distributors to make fast pivots in order to steady day-to-day operations. And what’s more, resolving these unexpected problems left little time to make forward-thinking process improvements.

Fortunately, modern ERP technology offered agility and stability – and a strong foundation for change.

Learn how smart distributors leveraged their ERP solution to overcome last year’s extraordinary challenges when you join us for “On the Bright Side: How to Create Opportunity from 2020’s Disruptions.”

Watch on-demand now for this new webinar to get info and insight on…
• Market expectations for 2021 (and beyond) based on MDM’s 2021 Distribution Industry Outlook
• Three key areas for improvement, including re-engineering operational processes for long-term success
• Three positive actions to take to increase efficiency, reduce variability and gain a competitive edge

Plus, you’ll get real-world examples of distributors that turned problems into sustainable improvement.

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