Positive People Welcome – Negative People … Not So Much

I want to be around people who are positive in their outlook. The world is full of negative news and people who like to gossip and tear others down. Being around those people never leaves me feeling more full of life. Positive people do better in crossing the Performance Gap.

Positive People are out there. I have spent years observing and interviewing successful people, and while some make tons of money who are “Negative Nellies”…. the trend I see is the people who have the best business and personal relationship success are the ones who see the glass as half full and are willing to stand by others.

We all face tough times. I have. There were years where I had struggles that I shared with nobody, and it left me feeling like the world was a rough place. But by changing my mindset and being around positive people, I am reinventing much of myself.

Find the positive people and spend time with them. Be a friend who is there for another in good times and in bad (too many people dump their relationships too fast if they are not being served by them. I want to be a positive friend who sees the good in people and helps them through their tough times).

Being positive brings opportunity. Positive people find more chances to succeed. And they don’t brag about their money or success, but they will brag about others victories. The real negative people look for the gossip and spread it with a butter knife at every move.

Do you like negative people? Nobody does. But as I have been talking and writing about positivity, people all agree they like positive people.


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