Positive People Series – Keith Barry


“There is no magic sprinkle, there is no magic dust … the real magic is inside of you!”

One of the top 25 all-time TED talks in the world, international mentalist, hypnotherapist, magician, motivation speaker and all round nice guy, @Keith Barry talks about down days, confidence tricks, the importance of being present as a parent, positive mindset, his success formula, “reorientation days” and teaching W***y Harrison mind tricks.

Keith Barry is extremely positive and remarkably accomplished but he gives a remarkably honest and candid insight into his journey which has seen him appear on the @EllenDeGeneres show seven times. He talks about achieving peak performance and even shares his magic formula for success:

Formula: (W + MA) x ATT = GS

W = Why
MA = Massive Action
ATT = Attitude
GS = Goal Success


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