ICF Events Go 10 x Climate Positive Powered by Starboard

ICF and Starboard have become environmental action partners, making all ICF events 10 x climate positive.

The 2021 ICF SUP World Championships in Hungary! Bringing in people from all over the world to compete. This epic event contributes to the release of greenhouse gases, the imbalance of these gases are increasing the acidity of our oceans.

This is why from 2021 the International Canoe Federation and Starboard have become
Environmental Action Partners to limit the impact of all ICF World Championship events.

By gathering the travel data from all athletes and organisers, Starboard is able to calculate the CO2 emissions from travel. Once we know the impact, we have an effective way of reducing the negative effects by using the mighty mangrove!

For the SUP World Championships in Hungary, we will plant enough mangroves to sequester the event ten times over.

World Championships are key for bringing people together, and it’s up to all of us to collaborate and make positive changes.


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