Leadership Tips हरेक लिडरमा हुनुपर्ने गुण Nepali Motivational speech/video/Message From Tara Jii

महात्मा गान्धीको चिनी खाने कथा Mahatma gandhi story by Tara Jii
Motivational and Inspiring Speech By Tara Jii
Nepali Youth Motivational Speaker,Nepali motivational speech
Message from Tara Jii: Everybody has some messages to share with this world,these are my messages for you. Making and sharing inspirational and motivational content on internet is my passion,if you get even little bit inspiration from my videos my purpose will be fulfilled. To make my content more effective and inspirational i have used many stories and fables, Among them some stories are mine but some are not.I mean, Im not the original creator of some of those stories, my great salute to those creative soles left those masterpieces for us.
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Dr. Tara Prasad Giri also known as Tara Jii is a catalyst for positive change and strategist for success. He creates change in minutes, when normally it couldn’t be accomplished in years. He has risen to national prominence by writing and Conducting Motivational Seminars and Professional Trainings. He is one of the Best Nepali Motivational Speaker.In the last 7 years he has consulted for more than 300 schools and colleges and has spoken to over 200,000+ people nationwide on the subject of Vision Building, Students’ Success,Leadership,Public Speaking,Multiple Intelligences,Effective classroom management and Art of Parenting etc. Academically, he is MBBS Scholar and practicing his medicine in Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital. Tara Jii has researched, studied, written and spoken for long time in the fields of Education, Health, Philosophy, Psychology and Business.Why does he love this field ? According to him during his difficult time he got chance to attend Inspirational Class by Dr. Bishal Gyawali(SLC Board First:2059 and MBBS TU Topper),from that very day positive changes started to come in his life. He says what he is today is because of that program. Now he believes in power of Inspiration and Positive Thinking and wants to share his inspirational message to those who are at their difficult time and deprived of Motivation. His own life story is thrilling and Inspiring, when he shares it among audience nobody can stop their tears, while leaving the seminar hall everybody vows to do something in their life. Thank you.
Disclaimer: मैले बनाएका भिडियोमा बोलिएका सबै कथाहरू मेरा रचना होइनन । ती कथाहरु जसले सिर्जना गरे ती सर्जकहरू प्रति म कृतज्ञ छु । म त एक माध्यम मात्र हुँ जसले पुल बनेर तिनिहरूलाई दैनिक जीवन भोगाइसँग जोड्ने काम मात्र गरेको छु । यदी यी सामाग्रीबाट कसैलाई अलिकती भए पनि प्रेरणा मिल्छ भने त्यसको जस मलाई होइन तीनै सर्जकहरूलाई जान्छ । तपाईं आफ्नो जीवनमा खुशी हुनुस्, सफल हुनुस् । मेरो शुभकामना ।


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