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🌸No matter what…don't stop smiling❌ || Sad Gacha Life Mini Movie || PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!


First- I know, I screwed up the whole point of the video. My objective was to keep Ayane smiling! I messed that up on one of the scenes but then kept going.

second- I WILL NOT MAKE A PART 2. Ayane is gone and we should let her rest ❤ also I don’t think making someone come back to life makes sense.

third- Also I just want to clarify that I do NOT think Anorexia and mental issues are a joke! I have explained it to a bunch of comments before. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone or harm anyone in ANY WAY. I love you all truly. I never wanted to mean that scene as a joke. Please forgive me. I tried to take that scene out of the video but for storage purposes, I deleted all of the screenshots. I understand why people were so upset. I just really hope you all don’t think any less of me.

Thanks for watching, much love

#ThanksTiff #Smile #GachaLife


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